Untitled (Live Performance) 2021

Untitled (Live Performance) 2021

Director: Nicolas Tian Cai

Planner: Justin Zen, Nicolas Tian Cai

Producer: Nicolas Tian Cai, Neo

Performer: Shu Yaohui & Guo Huanshuo (Xiexin Dance Theatre)

Music Composer: Yue Xuan

Choreographer: Xie Xin

Coordinator: Lawrence

PR: Neo

Performance Manager: Thomas, IYO

Costume Designer: Sans, Chlo

Makeup Artist: Chlo, Nica

Executive Producer: Rui

Executive Assistant: Chlo, Nica, Liv, Lulu, Aria, Spencer, Irene

Venue Coordinator: UJ

Stage Lighting Designer: Nicolas Tian Cai, Hou Yingjie

Piano Tuner: Mr Li

Venue Lighting: Jiacai

Venue Sound: Panpan

Stage Set-up: Zhou Jianping, Zhang Wu, Gao Qingcheng, Yu Shimao, Huna Gubing, Li Wen, Cai Lei, Zhang Jinsuo, Qin Tao, Liu Shengquan (Shanghai Zhongyi Exhibition)

Stage Light Setting: Zhang Fei, Zhao Xiamin, Xuan Dequan, Hou Yingjie, He Yunbiao, Wang Xin, Hu Zhimin, Fang Zhaowei, Wang Congcong, Li Ning (IINStudio)

Volunteers: HAHAXIZI, Xu Man, Zhou Yican, Lu Xinyue, emomo

Medical Staff: Wang Tiejun, Ye Min

Venue Cleaner: Zhang Songyan, Tu Guixiu, Wu Ping

Visual Identity: Nicolas Tian Cai

Executive Visual Designer: Liv, Rui

Copywriting: Nicolas Tian Cai, Neo

Translation: Scooter



Film Director: Luis

Art Director: Nicolas Tian Cai

Editor: Joyce Lanxin Zhao

Interviewer: Zhuoran

Director of Photography: Nai, Joyce Lanxin Zhao, Luis

Recordist: Hubert

Colorist: Joyce Lanxin Zhao

Photographer: Abao, Zhangguanhua

Exclusive Media Coverage: Wallpaper

Special Thanks

Shanghai Symphony Hall

Xiexin Dance Theatre


Xu Zhi

Shy People

Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

untitlab® specially presents the Untitled (Live Performance) in Shanghai Symphony Hall on November 23rd, 2021. Untitled (Live performance) directed by Nicolas Tian Cai, with Yue Xuan as piano soloist and dancers from Xiexin Dance Theatre. This performance takes place in the professional contemporary concert hall, combining the cold and stern lighting atmosphere, meticulously dressed characters, and the glass installations with an expressive sense of ritual, to presents a performance of construction and instantaneous destruction. The images depicted by melody and body movement break through the limitations of language, the sentiments and visual perception spread over the performance space. The architectural works carefully constructed during the performance, are deconstructed by the creators; through which, the nature of things and existence are contemplated in an instant. The glass installation contracted by performers is a metaphor for the self-construction of human, the organization and operation of cities and societies, and the presentation of works, experiences and autobiography of creators. The performance illustrates an imagination of how to face the existing construction, entering the situation of destruction with an equal perspective. The performance of “destruction” offers a striking experience, as an experience—destruction is the undifferentiated construction. The performers all wear the brand new designed untitled#20 Sky Derbies (Silver Black) from the untitlab® SS22. It is creatively crafted with specially-shaped heels in carbon fibre materials, nano-electroplated coated surfaces in silver colour, combined with the classic eco-friendly film-coated side microfiber leather uppers, to integrate the tone of technology, formality and sporty. Program Masse, Rain, Destroy me, Fall, Walking, River, Lake, Yichun, Day 2, Exterminate

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