In the serenity of pure nature i focus my lens on a young solo hiker who seeks solace and communion with nature.

The solo hiker, adorned in his shoes from new collection of untitlab®, becomes a symbol of courage and self-discovery. Each step he take carries them deeper into the heart of the woods, away from the clamor of the world and into a realm of solitude. The trails he traverse wind through ancient forests, where the whisper of leaves and the rustle of wildlife are his only companions.

The soft morning light illuminates his body, reflecting a sense of awe and calm. In every frame captured the delicate balance between the boy‘s presence and the untouched splendor of the nature.


The vastness of Triglav National Park in Slovenia envelops the solitary figure, highlighting his smallness in the grand tapestry of nature. A testament to the profound impact that solitude and communion with the natural world can have on one's soul.

Through my lens, I immortalize this journey of self-discovery, evoking a longing in others to seek solace in the embrace of nature. The photographs become an invitation to embrace the quietude, to venture beyond the boundaries of everyday life, and to find solace and serenity amidst the magnificent landscapes of our planet.

Bogdan Shirokov

We are introducing the Swift Trek Trainers this summer, crafted from neoprene and featuring an OrthoLite® insole — a lightweight and recyclable material. This marks a departure from the conventional microfiber upper and TPU sole, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and a minimized product footprint across the entire design and development process. The Swift Trek Trainers provide an innovative and effortless travel experience, offering a fresh approach to footwear design.


Photographed by Bogdan Shirokov 

Art Direction Nicolas Tian Cai 

Video by Bogdan Shirokov

Talent Miran Stepan

Produced and styled by Bogdan Shirokov

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

June 2023

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